Audience Magnets is a boutique firm specializing in marketing, public relations, customer service and box office operations for performing arts and event marketing. With over 20 years experience in the field, we have a stellar reputation to draw record sales and attendance to your performances. Using a variety of magnets, from advertising campaigns to enlisting the assistance of our friends in the media, we can help you draw audiences to your performances… just like drawing moths to a flame. From temporary assistance due to staff turn-over, to longer term projects, contact us now so we can meet and start increasing your audiences!

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With over 20 years experience directing the marketing and community outreach efforts of major performing arts organizations, Laura Schairer knows how to attract a crowd. >>

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We’ve filled seats with ticket buyers for nearly every major performing and cultural arts venue in Arizona and beyond.  Regardless of the genre or market, we can help you reach your audience. >>

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Like powerful magnets, our services can draw record attendance to your events. Learn more about some of our tools of audience attraction. >